Welcome to my first blog post as the author of Angel 24 and the unique history book it is built upon, Healing America’s Soul.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something here to bring you more joy and wisdom in living your life.  We all get just one shot at life…and then there’s heaven. innocent  But while we are here on earth there are things to do that we cannot do in heaven. I wrote these two books in the hope that you and I can help many more people make it to heaven before it is too late for them.

Sin destroys. Repentance restores. This theme runs through both books—and the Bible, of course. God is trying to woo us home to heaven with the most honor and satisfaction possible for each of us. Turning from sin and helping others to do the same is the kindest thing we can do for someone else. 

Yes—I know it’s very unpopular. Always has been. But God has not changed His mind about it. Wise people follow His lead.

I hope you will read one or more of my books. It’s not about the money or fame for me. Honestly, no one could have paid me enough to write both books, especially Angel 24. It took sixteen years to finish, three of them just in the editing process of Angel 24. I actually feel that God commissioned both books. I simply tried to be obedient.

Catch you again soon,


Bob Fox